Healthy dog food for your friend

Healthy dog food for your friend

Healthy dog food for your pet Sometimes you feel that your pet might feel a bit bored of the same biscuits all the time.  Dog food should not only entice your pet but also promote a great dog health.  The necessary nutrients for a proper canine d

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Building the best dog house for your puppy

Building the best dog house for your Pet

Building the best dog house for your puppy Got yourself a new puppy and plan on building a dog house?  Follow our advice to build the perfect abode for your new friend.  Always think of what is more comfortable for your pet. If you want to get

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Keep up with your dog vaccinations

Dog vaccinations are important to prevent disease and ensure a healthy and long life.  It is imperative for dog owners to follow a vaccination schedule. Dog vaccinations not only prevent disease but they also keep parasites and pathogens in check

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Dogs and cats can travel by metro in Buenos Aires

Dogs and cats can travel in the subway of Buenos Aires! From November 17, dogs, cats and other animals will be able to travel in the subway of Buenos Aires without any additional costs. Great news for all animal lovers!! Since last weekend, the

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How to deal with separation anxiety in dogs

Have you ever heard of separation anxiety?  Let´s put it this way: If the family goes out, Fido wants to go as well.  But then, this is a wedding so dad called if pets were allowed and it was a big no-no.  So, the dog has to stay.  But Fido ain

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Dog Grooming Done with Style

Taking your dog for a walk to the city?  A really awesome doggy style is what you need to turn your pet into a head turner. Dog grooming is something that you should take seriously if you want your dog to show off those locks. A stylish dog When y

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Taking him for a Walk: How to do it Properly

Most dog breeds are developed to remain active and require a dog walk.  Most likely, the one you have at home is not the exception.  Therefore, you must know what the correct way to walk your dog is. Now, you have a large backyard?  It is still

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Mark Woodsí poor pooch Walnut. See SWNS story SWWALK; A dog lover has issued a heartfelt plea inviting people to join his pet for his LAST walk on his favourite beach before he is put down. Mark Woods has walked his 'best friend' Walnut for the past 18 years. But now Walnut's health has deteriorated due to his old age and he's started collapsing, so Mark has made the difficult decision to have him put to sleep. But before his life is ended, Mark wants to give him one final walk and has written an appeal on Facebook, asking for others to join him.

Walnut the whippet’s final walk is a memorable one

Walnut the whippet gained media attention when his owner, Mark Woods, posted a moving invitation on FB to join him on a last walk.  The event took place along the coastline of Porth Beach, in Newquay.  This was his favorite place in the world.

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Health benefits of playing with your dog

Playing with your dog is vital for the dog's proper development.  It helps eliminate stress from your dog and yourself at the same time.  This will benefit your pet and ultimately benefit you. Benefits of play and fun for your dog Let´s bring it

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Dog fashion: Making Them Look Fabulous

Wanna make your dog the best dressed in town?  Check out these dog fashion tips to make your dog look glamorous any time of any season.  If you have recently adopted one, you can actually have lots of fun with fashion and dog grooming. To make

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