India And Nepal Celebrate Dogs With An Annual Festival


India And Nepal Celebrate Dogs With An Annual Festival | Dogalize

Dogs are said to be men’s best friends everywhere in the world, yet people in some regions of Far East are setting the bar just a bit higher: they have set aside an entire holiday that celebrates our four legged companions.

It is known as Kukur Tihar, a festival of lights, colours and flowers that is celebrated every fall in India, Nepal and in other regions.

The celebration brings and highlights an important message: showing gratitude to our furry friends for their loyalty, goodness and friendship. During Kukur Tihar, people offer garlands that grace the necks of their dogs, tika, and scrumptious food to dogs to help pay tribute to them. In this particular festival garlands are the highest sign and form of respect.

Federica Lauda

Source: ewao

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