Epileptic Seizures In Dogs


Epileptic Seizures In Dogs | Dogalize

Epilepsy is a brain disorder that causes the dog to have sudden, uncontrolled, recurring physical attacks, with or without loss of consciousness.

Symptoms can include:

- collapsing
- jerking
- stiffening
- loss of consciousness
- drooling
- chomping
- foaming at the mouth
- pooping or peeing during the seizure

Before te seizure some dogs may look dazed, seem unsteady or confused. Afterward, your dog may be disoriented, wobbly, temporarily blind and show compulsive behavior, increased thirst or appetite. Recovery may take up to 24 hours.

In most cases epilepsy is due to a genetic predisposition. However, other causes include:

- Eating poison
- Liver disease
- Kidney disease
-Low or high blood sugar
- Electrolyte problems
- Anemia
- Head injury
- Encephalitis
- Strokes
- Brain cancer

Should your dog experience seizures, ask immediately your vet about treatment and diagnosis.

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