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Do you know how to properly pet a dog? Petting a dog is not to easy as you may think. The way you pet your friend can make you his favorite person or, on the contraty, the human he’ll always try to avoid.
The first rule of petting is never pet a dog who doesn’t initiate contact. Rather, invite him to make the first contact by squatting down so you are closer to his level.
Avoid hovering over the dog when greeting him: this can be perceived as a threat.
Once the approach has been made, pet the dog slowly in areas where he is comfortable being touched: back, chin, chest and belly.
Most dogs dislike being touched on top of the head and on the muzzle, ears, legs, paws and tail.
A dog who enjoys petting will usually lean toward you or actively seek contact with you when you stop petting him. If the dog attempts to move away or displays signs of discomfort, such as licking his lips or showing the whites of his eyes, give him some space.

Source: vetstreet

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