Hulk, The World’s Biggest Pit Bull Had A Very Precious Baby


Hulk, The World’s Biggest Pit Bull Had A Very Precious Baby | Dogalize

Hulk, in name and in deed, is the world’s biggest Pit Bull. He’s a giant, really, he looks majestic with his 180 lb weight. He recently had a puppy, Tigger, who is expected to grow as as his father. This is the reason why Tigger is a very precious dog: he could be worth $65,000.

They're owned by Marlon Grennan, 29, who runs Dark Dynasty K9s, a protection dog business supplying some of the most famous people in the world with security in canine form.

Marlon says he trains every dog how to swim from a young age, as it prepares them for life as a protection dog. "Water is an element of life and if the dog is going to be a top protection dog, they really need to be prepared for anything. Whether they are going to be a protection dog or not, we still get them to swim as it is good exercise and they really enjoy it”, he explained.

The entire litter fathered by Hulk is currently worth about $500.000.

Federica Lauda

Source: theladbible

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