The rapamycin: a drug that can extend the life of dogs


The rapamycin: a drug that can extend the life of dogs | Dogalize

Scientists studying aging in Seattle have begun testing the use of a drug in a group of dogs in order to check its properties to extend the life of these animals.

This group of animals, more than 6 years, are being subjected to a test of a drug called rapamycin.

The effect of this drug is not known for sure; but it has been used before for medical treatments in humans.

Rapamycin has been used to prevent organs transplant rejection and some cancer treatments. In addition, it has already been supplied to worms, fruit flies and mice and it worked.

Regarding dogs, the team of scientists has begun with a group of 32 dogs, a quarter of which is being supplied with a placebo.

So far there have been no reported severe damages; if some of them is found, any investigation will stop immediately. Still, studying aging in these animals take years.

We must be clear that applying this drug in dogs not only seeks to extend the life of these animals, but also seeks to be a step to then test it in humans.

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