Diarrhea: How can I help my dog?

Diarrhea: How can I help my dog? | Dogalize

Diarreha is a very common and annoying problem for both dog and owner.

It is often caused by intestinal parasites, which can stain his faeces with blood.

This kind of parasitic infections is more common in young dogs because of their higher energy and aptitude to play, which make them more exposed to contamination.

A habit your dog should avoid or quit as soon as possible is that of eating other dogs’ excrement, which can increase the risk of contamination.

Diarrhea can also be caused by certain foods, changes in diet, ingestion of foreign bodies or bacterial infections.

In case of diarrhea, giving your dog specific lactobacillus can be a good idea. Feeding your dog with dry food and overboiled rice and chicken (with no bones and condiments) can also help.

The first thing to do, anyway, is to call your vet to be given the most suitable treatment.

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