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The assistance dog working in a bank

We tell the story of Miguel, the assistance dog, a golden retriever who works in a bank. For all of us to open doors, to collect objects and to turn on lights is a job that seems really easy. But it is not so much for Miguel, the assistance dog th…

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Jack Russel Puppy Against Lions!

Jack Russel puppy against two lions! We tell you the scene of a video that is making everyone laugh on the web because of the bravery and courage shown by a dog of Jack Russel breed. The video, of a Jack Russel breed puppy, has become viral in the…

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Adoption of dogs: shelter builds rooms

Adoption of dogs: the shelter that builds rooms to help dogs in adoption. We tell you the great idea of ​​this dog shelter to help the adoptions of dogs who have been rescued from the streets and are waiting to be adopted. A shelter in Toledo, Ohi…

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