5 Steps to Speedy Recall Even at a Distance!


5 Steps to Speedy Recall Even at a Distance! | Dogalize

STEP 1 Buy a whistle. Our choice? A dog whistle from Acme Whistle specialists, makers of whistles since 1870. A dog’s hearing range is far greater than ours and is far more sensitive to high frequency sounds. Acme dog whistles are designed to produce the greatest response from your dog, even over long distances, and they have an array available, from Shepherd’s Mouth Whistles (produces a widely varying and easy controlled range of pitches popular at Sheep Dog trials) to whistles especially suited for Spaniels, close work, or dogs hard of hearing. Check them out at acmewhistles.ca.

Step 2 Each time you feed your dog her meal, blow three short blasts on the whistle. Very quickly, she will start to associate the whistle with food.

Step 3 After a few days, try blowing the whistle before you put the food down. Your dog will likely already be watching you attentively as you put the whistle to your lips (Come on, she’s no dummy—she knows it’s dinner time and she knows that the whistle means food!)

Step 4 A few days later, move on to this exercise: arm yourself with a treat and choose a time when meals/treats aren’t usually on order. Try blowing those same three blasts on the whistle. With any luck, she’ll drop whatever she’s doing and race over to you. It may not be dinner time, but she still knows that the whistle means food. Praise and treat. You can start moving this game outside in your yard. Chances are, she’ll start watching for the whistle and respond even before you make a noise. We like to have treats readily on hand with a Doog treat Pouch (doogusa.com).

Step 5 Finally, take it to the dogpark, where there are lots of distractions but a safe environment in case she doesn’t come running.

Source: moderndogmagazine.com

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