Dog friendly civic centers goes with annual kennel show

Dog friendly civic centers goes with annual kennel show

Dog friendly civic centers audits a kennel show

Dog lovers and dog friendly civic centers unite. From Nov. 4-8, the Talbot County Kennel Club, the Salisbury Maryland Kennel Club and the Mispillion Kennel Club will bring audiences a tail-wagging good time at this year’s Eastern Shore Classic kennel show.

“It’s a very good event for the Delmarva area for people who are interested in purebred dogs,” Corresponding Secretary at the Mispillion Kennel Club, Blackie Nygood said. “Come and see all kinds of different things that happen at dog shows.”

The American Kennel Club sets the standards in which different dog breeds are judged through conformation which is the official name for dog shows. Conformation judges dogs based on a dog’s overall appearance and structure which is an indication of a dog’s ability to produce purebred puppies.

The dogs are categorized by different groups comprising of the herding group, hound group, non-sporting group, sporting group, terrier group, toy group and working group.

“This is why you have dogs because you enjoy them and you love them,” Nygood said.

Besides a lot of dogs of various types and breeds, the dog show will also have various vendors selling dog care and handling items ranging from foods to leashes to grooming products. While many people see the dogs in the arena going through various tests of agility, obedience and temperament, a lot of preparation goes on behind the scenes.

Nygood, who has owned, trained and handled dogs all her life, says that grooming is a big aspect of the dog show and if a dog looks good, it ups their chances to do well in the shows.

The five days of dog shows will be held at the Wicomico Youth and Civic Center. Admission for adults is $5 and $1 for students. Children five and under are free.

“(These shows) give people a chance to see different breeds and talk to the people that breed them,” Nygood said. “(Dog showing) is a fun and innocent hobby.”

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