Comfort dogs help relax airplane passengers


Comfort dogs help relax airplane passengers | Dogalize

The holidays are supposed to be a time filled with happiness and cheer, but anyone who has to get on an airplane to see friends and family knows that it can be a time of stress and aggravation.

But in some airports, like LAX, passengers get to destress with comfort dogs.

“It’s home life, it’s traffic, whatever. But if we can put half those passengers on that plane with a smile on their face, talking to each other, you’ve released all that tension for the flight,” PUPS Volunteer Marwick Kane said.

A program called “PUPS” pets is designed to make the airport experience more pleasant and less taxing.

“I don’t see anybody smiling. I don’t see the passengers talking to each other or to the staff,” Kane said. “And when you bring the dog into the room you scan the room and it’s just smiles from wall to wall. People get out of their seats. They come over to you”

At the Los Angeles International Airport, about 40 registered therapy dogs have undergone a year of training to volunteer with their owners to roam the terminals.

The dogs can be any breed as long as their temperament can handle crowds.

“It made my day so much better. Makes me relaxed for the flight,” Passenger Jonathan Perez said.