Diesel, the police dog killed in Saint Denis raids

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Diesel, the police dog killed in Saint Denis raids | Dogalize

She was a police dog, whose task was that of searching for explosive. Her name was Diesel, a 7-years-old Belgian Malinois killed by kamikaze explosion during the anti-terrorism operation yesterday in Saint Denis, Paris.

Police seeking out the suspected mastermind of the Paris shootings, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, raided a number of apartments in the northern Parisian suburb. During the operation, at least five officers got injured and some after a woman at the scene detonated a suicide vest full of explosives.

Diesel immediately turned into one of the symbol of these tragic days for France and the entire world, getting the attention of the whole web, after the official profile for Police Nationale later tweeted that Diesel “was killed by terrorists in the current operation in Saint-Denis”.

Diesel, a four-legged heroin, who died for peace.

Source: www.independent.co.uk