Dog Check Up


Dog Check Up | Dogalize


Grooming is a very special moment for your furry friend. Seize the moment to check him up!
To brush him daily, especially after a walk, helps set (or reinforce) a good relationship, gets him used to the pleasant touch of your hands, relax even the most stressed dog.
While brushing your dog, check his coat: if you see hairless zones, skin swellings, excessive dandruff or parasites such as fleas and ticks, you’d better get a remedy. A healthy dog’s coat is soft and shiny.
Check that his nose is clean, his eyes are shiny and clear, his ears are clean and don’t emanate a bad smell.
Check the skin between his fingers: it has to be woundless and free from foreign bodies and ticks.
Press gently his junctures to check they dont’t hurt.
With these few tips, your dog will get accustomed to be checked and manipulated and you will be reassured about his health conditions.

For more advice please contact Dogalize Vet USA