Dog therapy against shellshock


Dog therapy against shellshock | Dogalize

Pet therapy is becoming more and more common in today’s world and dogs are often used to help soldiersget over the stress caused by battles.

This is the story of Joe, a very special therapy dog.Joe is specifically trained to seek out soldiers suffering from battle related mental illness, commonlyknown as “shellshock”, so that when he notices someone suffering from anxiety or depression, heknows just what to do.

Joe and his handler, Navy Lieutenant Commander Tracy Krauss, work at Fort Belvoir CommunityHospital, which is a military hospital in Virginia. The two go room to room, and when Joe sensessomeone’s having troubles, he goes and lies at his feet.

“He’s identified 47 people showing signs of emotional distress, 7 of those people admitted tohave a suicide plan”, said Krauss. It is not sure exactly what it is Joe’s key, but whatever it is, itseems to work perfectly since he’s never been wrong. It is thought to have something todo with particular smells we put off under stress and body language.

What really matters is trying to save lives, and everyday Joe proves to be very good at it.


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