Dogs try their paws in new dog sport


Dogs try their paws in new dog sport | Dogalize

Cats a notoriously known for being good at chasing mice but some dogs are becoming increasingly good at hunting down rats.

A new dog sport called “Barn Hunt” is gaining popularity across the country and more and more dogs are starting to dig it.

“It’s just hysterically funny. It’s so instinctual the dogs, you know, no matter what breed of dog, no matter what size of dog, if they turn onto rats they are going to be successful at this sport,” said Jan Huff, owner of Splashdown Farm in Severn, Md.

The sport tests a dog’s hunting ability. The rats are safe though, carefully tucked away inside of tubes. When the canines finally find what they were looking for, game over.

“[The rats] aren’t afraid of the dogs at all because they are protected from the dogs,” said Huff.

The dogs who participate can even earn ribbons and titles, but for most of them, it’s all for the love of the rat race.


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