Guide dogs help lead blind Florida couple to the altar

Guide dogs

Guide dogs help lead blind Florida couple to the altar | Dogalize


A blind Winter Haven couple is crediting their guide dogs for leading them to the altar.

Mike and Eva Truelock met at Southeastern Guide Dogs Inc. in 2007 after Eva returned to the school because she was having trouble with her dog. Mike, 48, was already there with his first guide dog. Their paths only crossed for a week but they exchanged numbers and soon started talking on the phone. After three years of a long distance romance, Mike moved to Florida and they married in 2010.

The Ledger reports their two black labs also complement each other perfectly. Sandy is more high-strung, while Romeo is calm and laid back.

Mike has Retina Pigmentosa and has been legally blind since he was 28-years-old. Eva, 45, was born with a cancer of the retina and became legally blind as a toddler.

“I know that Eva tends to be very outgoing and bubbly while Mike is calm, cool and collected,” said Suzy Wilburn is the director of admissions and graduate services at Southeastern Guide Dogs. “The two complement each other perfectly. The unique part is that their dogs have also been the yin and the other’s yang, which makes for a very happy household.”

The couple says the dogs have changed their lives in every way — big and small.


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