It’s a Dog’s World’ at TriBeCa Photography Gallery


It’s a Dog’s World’ at TriBeCa Photography Gallery | Dogalize

Pups are the star of Soho Photo Gallery’s upcoming “It’s a Dog World” show, slated to open Dec. 2.

The 15 White St. gallery is hosting four different artists’ works, some with a more whimsical take on a dog’s life, others with a serious focus such as documenting the plight of shelter dogs.

Danish photographer Pernille Westh’s 16 images are from her “Project 100 Dogs,” an exhibit of 100 portraits of 100 different dog breeds.

While the portraits are often funny and sweet, and try to answer the question of whether dogs have 100 different facial expression, the project was also meant to help study and highlight the varied personalities of different types of dogs — giving a needed insight to families before they choose a pup, the artist said.

“Every year thousands of healthy dogs are being put to sleep due to owners not being able to handle their dogs,” the artist said on her website. “Often this could have been avoided if the owners had been familiar with the characteristics of the dog breeds.”

Another photographer, Mark Santos, peers into the the tough times dogs in shelters face.

In another set of photos, artist George Grubb brings attention to the fact that more than 3.7 million pets are put down each year because they are unwanted, with his photos of dogs from a North Carolina shelter, which are made to look like puzzles.


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