Local organization helps old dogs find new homes


Local organization helps old dogs find new homes | Dogalize

A local organization that finds homes for older dogs is helping a dog named Pepper come all the way from Louisiana to the Capital Region.

The Mr. Mo project finds foster homes for senior dogs and pays for their medical expenses for the rest of their lives. Chris Hughes and his wife founded the program in memory of a senior dog they rescued.

On Friday after three days and dozens of different drivers pepper will be arriving to her new forever home in Clifton Park.

Hughes says older dogs are often overlooked in shelters because of the financial burden that can come with adopting pets like Pepper.

“No amount of money can take away the smile that you see from a dog when they’re finally be in cared for. When they feel that love and trust. It’s worth everything you do,” said Chris Hughes.

Source: news10.com

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