Tips for Taking Your Dog to the Park


Tips for Taking Your Dog to the Park | Dogalize

The sun is shining and you have no plans for the afternoon. This seems like the perfect time to take your dog to the park! Your instinct may be to hop in the car and drive to the nearest outdoor space, but before you do, take some time to prepare to ensure a relaxed and fun-filled park experience for both you and your dog. With these few easy steps, you’ll be on your way:

Find a park

Check the weather forecast

Prepare your dog

Pack the essentials

Step 1: Find a park

You likely know a dozen parks in your area, but do you know for certain which of them allow dogs? Do a Web search to find a park where your canine friend will be welcome. On the park’s Web site, you can also check for park rules, including leash guidelines and park hours.

Many municipalities now offer dog parks—fenced areas specifically designed for dogs to run and play with other dogs off-leash. Again, search the Web for one near you, and for its guidelines, hours, etc.

Step 2: Check the weather forecast

Before you head out to the park, make sure there’s not severe weather on the way and the current conditions aren’t too extreme. Avoid having your dog out for extended time periods when the temperatures are too hot or too cold.

Step 3: Prepare your dog

Even your dog needs to be prepped for your playtime at the park. This doesn’t mean you should sit down with Rover and have a heart-to-heart about his behavior. Rather, go through this quick checklist:

Does my dog have a collar with proper identification?

Is my dog’s license current?

Are my dog’s vaccinations up-to-date? Because he’ll be with other dogs at the park, this is a critical step to keep him healthy.

Is my dog current with flea and tick control?

Is my dog ready for an outing like this? If he’s difficult to control, you may want to consider additional training. If you’re unsure, first try an off-the-beaten-path park versus one with a large number of other dogs.

Step 4: Pack the essentials

Don’t forget the following items:

Leash – Even if you plan to keep your dog off-leash, bring one anyway.

Water and dish – A collapsible dish is ideal; find one at any pet store. Don’t forget a bottle of water in case no water is available at the park.

Bags for dog waste

Food – Bring treats for your dog, or dog food if you’ll be there longer.

Towels – Just in case of rain or mud, bring an old towel or two for grubby paws and vehicle seats.

Once you arrive, check posted park rules, be considerate of other dogs and their owners, and clean up after your dog every time.

Thanks to your thorough preparation, you’ll have an enjoyable and carefree outing with your furry pal!


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