Beer for Dogs: now you’ll always have a drinking buddy


Beer for Dogs: now you’ll always have a drinking buddy | Dogalize

Unbelievable but true! Your four-legged friend is going to become your favourite drinking buddy! No more feeling guilty that you can enjoy a cold drink while you get sad puppy eyes. Now you can both enjoy happy hour!

Several beer companies started producing some non-alcoholic, non-carbonated beers that are just for your dog.

FLAT12 Bierwerks in Indianapolis produces Flat12 Paws Dog Brew, made from meat bones as well as carrots, potatoes, and brewer’s yeast that is simmered for three hours. The mix is then blended in a keg with wort, the liquid extracted from the process of brewing alcoholic beer.

Snuffle Dog Beer, made in Belgium, is offered in two flavors, chicken flavored and a mix of chicken and beef flavored. It can be found in Europe, Hong Kong, and South Korea.

Although it’s not the most creative name, Dog Beer is super popular in Brazil. Dog Beer is made with water, meat (chicken or beef), and malt, making it very similar to human beer, except it isn’t fermented.

The USA Bowser Brewing Company allows your pup to choose from six packs of Beefy Brown Ale, Cock-A-Doodle Brew, or Mixed. As an added bonus, the ales are made with glucosamine, which is great for your dog’s joints! Bowser Beer can also make custom labels if you want to arrange a doggie birthday party that will make your pup the most popular dog on the block!

Dawg Grog is a vegetarian (!) beer option for your dawg, made with brewers wort, vegetarian glucosamine (specially for dogs), vegan trace mineral supplements, and Oregon mountain water. Dawg Grog uses local ingredients to support the Cnetral Oregon Community.

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