Christmas Food Is Bad For Your Dog


Christmas Food Is Bad For Your Dog | Dogalize


Don’t be indulgent to your dog when he will be stuck at your feet close to the table on Christmas day, looking at you with pitiful eyes. Christmas food is bad for your dog.
With the holidays just around the corner most people’s homes are full of festive foods such as mince pies, chocolate decorations and even some sugar-free sweets can cause serious issues for your four-legged friend.
Here is a list of foods and items you had better keep out of reach of pets:
Apricot (stones/kernel) – The stones from apricots can be fatal for dogs, so make sure they’re kept out of reach.
Holly (berries) – Causes upset stomach, tremors, seizures, loss of balance – be sure to keep them away from your dog, especially if he is known for eating things he shouldn’t.
Mistletoe – Causes stomach problems, and may cause skin irritations. If it is eaten by a puppy, a few berries can be fatal.
Poinsettia (leaves, stems and sap) – These popular Christmas plants can cause diarrhea, and abdominal cramps. Their sap can cause irritation or even blindness if it gets into your dogs eyes.
Christmas cake and Christmas pudding – Raisins can cause kidney failure and can be fatal – if your dog is a scavenger it may be best to keep any left overs in a cupboard out of his reach.
Chocolate – A chemical in chocolate known as theobromine can cause serious harm to your pet, even in small quantities. The darker and higher the percentage of cocoa, the more theobromine is in the chocolate. Make sure to keep it out of reach of your dog.
Alcohol – Keep alcoholic drinks (and food containing alcohol) out of your dog’s reach. It has similar side effects to humans and can cause serious liver damage.
Sugar free sweets and mints – A chemical known as xylitol, used to sweeten mints and sweets that are sugar-free can cause serious damage to your pet.
Cooked bones – Turkey, chicken, lamb, beef and pork bones that are cooked can easily splinter and perforate your dog’s stomach. They are dangerous and should never be fed to a dog.
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