Christmas Gifts For Pets: How Much Will Americans Spend?


Christmas Gifts For Pets: How Much Will Americans Spend? | Dogalize

Over half of American pet owners will buy gifts for their pets this Christmas and, according to a new poll, they will spend an average of $46 per animal.

Sixty-eight percent of pets getting gifts can look forward to a toy, 45 percent to food or another treat, 8 percent new bedding, 6 percent clothing, 3 percent a leash, collar or harness and 3 percent new grooming products, the poll showed.

The poll, which involved landline and cellphone interviews with 1,118 pet owners, also showed that income does matter: those making $50,000 or more say they plan to spend an average $57 on their pets, while those making under $50,000 say it will be $29.

It’s not a secret that pet industry is constantly growing. Petco Animal Supplies Inc.’s vice president, Greg Seremetis, said: “Including pets in holiday gift-giving has been a growing trend in the last few years. More and more pets are being treated as family members and being included in holiday traditions, including having a gift waiting for them under the tree”.

Taking part in the Black Friday and Cyber Monday is also getting common for pet retailers. PetSmart Inc., for example, opened stores at 7 a.m. on Black Friday, followed by a “Countdown to Christmas” sale began on Dec. 16.

But what do owners say about giving gifts to their pets?

Lauren Beard, 22, says: “I reduced budget of $70 last year to $50, and hope to get some things on sale for my dog Groovy”, and adds: “I’m going to buy a gift for Groovy’s best friend and neighbor as well”.

George Smith, 43, says pets are “part of the family, just like our kids”. But no fancy wrapping or stockings for Miley, a golden retriever, and Zippity, a cat, just $10 worth of toys and treats.

Steve Gottula, 48, whose budget was $100 last year and he figures it will run about the same this year for his two dogs and seven cats, says: “The cats like to play with the paper and ribbon and get lost in the boxes and wrappings. They are entertaining, they are companions. They have little senses of humor. They all have personalities. If you give love to them they give it back – it’s unconditional”.


Federica Lauda

Source: huffingtonpost
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