Dog helps teenager owner get over bullism


Dog helps teenager owner get over bullism | Dogalize

This is the story of Brittney, a 17-year-old girl from Tennessee who experienced bullism until her love for animals gave her back happiness and peace of mind.

The situation she was going through became such hard and stifling that Brittney withdrew from school. To cure Brittney’s depression, her mother Carlisa refused to give her medicines – as doctors suggested – and bought her a puppy instead. Her choice turned out to be good, because Brittney got soon better.

The girl is not only the owner of Dodge, her lovely Jack Russel Terrier, but she’s also his trainer. She taught him to perform over 200 tricks, and made dog training her way out of depression. Brittney has spent many hours training Dodge, and doing so has helped her gain the confidence needed to confront her persecutors.

“Training him brings a smile to my face,” Brittney said. “He wants to do these things, and wants to be with me. I want to show everyone how amazing our bond is together, and show everyone who said I was an animal freak for loving animals is wrong and I can do this – I have my purpose now.”

Once again a dog is the main character of a happy ending story.

Federica Lauda

Source: Lifewithdogs
Photo: Facebook Dodge the JRT