Ear Infections in Dogs


Ear Infections in Dogs | Dogalize

There are two types of ear infections in dogs: otitis externa, which is the inflammation of a dog external ear canal and otitis media, inflammation of the dog’s middle ear.

Otitis externa is a common and frustrating problem that can lead to the more serious otitis media if not adequately treated. Identification of the cause and correct treatment of otitis externa can completely resolve clinical signs and prevent recurrence or development of more serious disease.

Most dogs with otitis externa present head shaking and pruritus and the owner can also notice it by the bad smell coming from the dog ears.

In this case, an otoscopic exam is required as well as a therapy.

Your vet will be able to give your dog the most suitable treatment. Just remember not to underrate ear problems because they are very simple to cure if taken in advance, before they turn into more serious infections.

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