Golden Retriever saves child from choking


Golden Retriever saves child from choking | Dogalize


Bexter, a Golden Retriever from Scotland is a nice and lovely house pet, but last month he stopped being an ordinary four-legged friend to become a hero dog, after saving six-year-old Olivia Goodman from choking.
Olivia was home from school to sleep off a high fever. Her mom Amanda Goodman was watching over her, and while she did some house work she left the young girl asleep on the living room couch with Baxter staying behind her.
Just a few minutes later Amanda heard the dog barking non-stop. She kept shouting Baxter from another room to quit, but the dog just kept on barking. It seemed Baxter had something to say and Amanda went back into the living room to see what was going on.
Then, the terrible discovery: Olivia was lying unconscious on the couch, with her mouth filled with vomit and since she was face up, she risked suffocation. Fortunately, it was not too late and Amanda managed to take her daughter to the nearest hospital.
If Olivia is still alive it’s thanks to Baxter. Since the child came back home, the dog never leaves her side, well aware of his new nurse/alert dog position.

Federica Lauda
Source: lifewithdogs