Leftovers: Are They Good For Your Dog?


Leftovers: Are They Good For Your Dog? | Dogalize

Beware of leftovers. Hardly anything that comes from our table is good for dogs.

Cold cuts, ham andsalami are high in nitrates, which can be dangerous for dog liver.

Uncooked egg white contains a substance called avidin, which inhibits the absorption of vitamin B8.

Garlic and uncooked onions contain substances which may cause anemia.

Bread, cooked onions and cauliflower are high in starch, which are hard for your dog to digest and may cause diarrhea and flatulence.

Bones (especially chicken and rabbit) are dangerouse because of the risk of choking and perforation.

Sausages and cooked fat meats may cause obesity and diabetes in the long term.

Grapes and raisins may cause renal failure.

Chocolate and coffee are toxic for liver, heart and nervous system.

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