No More Tethered Dogs In Springfield


No More Tethered Dogs In Springfield | Dogalize


Springfield City council passed the law against dog tethering. Pet owners are now banned from keeping their dogs tethered all of the time.
The new ordinance limits the amount of time being tethered or chained to no more than periods of 30 minutes. Also, dogs are not permitted to wear choke collars while chained or tied up. The measure has been supported by the Springfield-Greene County Health Department and has been backed by the USDA and the Humane Society of the United States speaking out against animals living out their lives on chains as animal cruelty.
Springfield joins several other cities throughout Massachusetts that chose to help dogs live better lives, applying the following exception:
– Tethering shall be allowed on rare occasions when it is necessary for the dog owner to complete a temporary task that requires the dog to be physically restrained for a reasonable amount of time (30 minutes).
Pet owners who break the law will be fined for every violation.