Tips To Calm Your Dog On Fireworks Nights


Tips To Calm Your Dog On Fireworks Nights | Dogalize

Dogs and loud noises, as we all know, don’t get on well together. Fireworks, in particular, are stressfull for them. Here are some tips and advice to help you enjoy fireworks night with your furry friend.

1 – Don’t fuss. This can get your dog’s behavior still worse. Act and behave as you normally would and most importantly remain calm as your pet will look to you for a response to the noise. Give them treats when they are behaving calmly, any toys they have an attachment to will also provide some reassurance.

2 – Feed and walk your dog before dusk, a while before any fireworks happen as once they start anxiety might get the better of your pet and they could become too anxious to eat.

3 – Provide your pet with a place they can retreat to if it all gets a bit much. This could simply be a table or a chair, with a blanket placed over it. Put there also their favourite toys, treats and your unwashed clothes so that the familiar smell helps them feel safe. Put the radio or TV on to further reassure your animal that all is normal in their surroundings. Don’t shout at your dog for behaving erratic, this will make their behaviour worse. If they want to hide away let them do so without fussing, they’re just finding safety.

4 – Keep animals inside when fireworks night is in full swing. Draw your curtains and shut your windows and doors. Block anything that provides an escape route for your pet. Just in case, make sure they’re wearing a collar with an ID tag and that they’re micro chipped with their details up to date. This will be the law as of April 2016. Many animals are taken into shelters having ran away from home, so if they are microchipped, it will be easier to track them down.

5 – There are also medications and homeopathic remedies you can give your dog to help ease their anxiety, but never give your dog any form of medication without consulting your vet first.

Federica Lauda

Photo: huffingtonpost