What to do after anesthesia?


What to do after anesthesia? | Dogalize

A few tips to help your dog after anesthesia:

– Once home, keep your dog in a quiet, comfortable and soflty-lighted place.

– Keep him away from any external incitement, such as children or other pets, and let him rest.

– Give him food and water a few hours after he wakes up.

-For the next few days, try to avoid stairs, runs and jumps, especially if he underwent abdominal or orthopedic surgery.

– Usually, 24 hours of rest are enough to get your dog completely recovered, but should you see him stumbling or stunned, don’t let him alone.

– Do not let your dog lick the wound and check that it’s not swelling or bleeding.

– Usually, stitches can be removed 7-10 days after surgery

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