Why should you adopt a senior dog? 8 Reasons to do it


Why should you adopt a senior dog? 8 Reasons to do it | Dogalize

The more a dog gets old, the harder is to get for him an adoption. This is the cruel reality: senior dogs are the less adoptable. Generally, people prefer to adopt puppies, because they like the idea to bring them up, to leave a stronger sign on them since they are recently born. Puppies, however, can be a handful, and many people don’t realize how much more effort goes into training a puppy. On the contrary, dealing with a senior dog is simpler and as much satisfying.

Here are 8 reasons why you should adopt a senior dog:

1 – They are already accustomed to human routine and are often experienced and trained to obey basic commands like sit, stay, and the all-important no.

2 – When adopting a dog for a family, it is important to know the nature and personality of the dog. Does he do well with children? How is he with strangers? Will he be aggressive? A senior dog already has his personality established, which you can gauge with a short walk outside, and a few visits to the shelter.

3 – An older dog, as opposed to a young dog or puppy, will cost less in adoption fees quite simply because there is less demand for them.

4 – Senior dogs are usually not as energetic as younger ones. They tend to enjoy their time spent lazing on the couch, in front of the TV, or just sprawled out under the sun on your veranda. This means a less demanding commitment, in physical terms.

5 – No more surprises to clean, since older dogs are usually housebroken.

6 – You can train them with ease. Older dogs have considerably longer attention spans and can learn faster than puppies or younger dogs.

7 – They are loyal to a fault. When you adopt a senior dog, he not only looks up at you as his companion but as someone who gave him a better life and a second chance. This is one bond that is not easily broken.

8 – Adopting a dog from a shelter – whatever his age – makes you a life saver.

Federica Lauda

Source: petnewsandviews
Photo: Flickr Bill Harrison