Abandoned Kittens Rescued by Rescue Dog


Abandoned Kittens Rescued by Rescue Dog | Dogalize

This is the story of four kittens found orphaned and left all alone outside in the cold in the UK, between the cities of Shiregreen and Ecclesfield. As luck would have it, they were found by a family that has a rescue dog, and the dog has decided to “pay it forward” by adopting them.

Mark Moore was walking his dog Ben, when his attention was caught by something unusial, and just had to investigate. So Ben led his owner to the kittens. They were cold, shivering, scared and hungry, in desperate need of help.

Janet Moore, Mark’s wife said, “Ben ran over to the long overgrown grass and the kittens all jumped up. They were huddled together. My husband rang me, and I told him to wrap them in his sweatshirt and bring them home. We got them inside and put them in a pet cage and gave them some food. They were starving and scared. Shelters are absolutely overrun with abandoned animals, so I thought I would try and find them new homes.”

For now, the kittens are staying with the Moore family and their new protector, Ben. Ben, being a rescued by the Moore’s as well, knows just how lucky the cats are to have found such caring people. Good boy, Ben!

Source: lifewithdogs
Photo: Youtube