American Kennel Club Welcomes Two New Dog Breeds


American Kennel Club Welcomes Two New Dog Breeds | Dogalize


American Kennel Club, the largest purebred dog registry in the world, welcomes two new members: American Hairless Terrier and Sloughi. Thanks to these newcomers, the breeds recognized by the AKC are 189.
The American Hairless Terrier (left) is a small to medium sized, smoothly muscled terrier known for its energy and curious demeanor. The Sloughi (right) is a medium-large, short-haired, smooth-coated, athletic sighthound known for its graceful and reserved demeanor.
Talking about personality, the two rookies are a bit different. The long-legged sloughi (pronounced SLOO-ghee), initially bred to hunt big game, is reserved but loyal. American hairless terriers, on the other hand, tend to be more energetic, sporty and curious.
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Federica Lauda
Source: huffingtonpost
Photo: American Kennel Club