Dog Jumps On Electrical Post: Rescued By Firefighters


Dog Jumps On Electrical Post: Rescued By Firefighters | Dogalize

Cats are famous for being masters in jumping. They love to jump onto ledges, trees, roofs and even electrical posts. Sometimes, dogs and cats living in the same environment may exchange identities, roles and habits, with cats chasing owners like dogs and dogs jumping on the weirdest spots like cats.

This is just what happened to Cafù, a Yorkie from Quito, Peru. He jumped off a balcony and landed on electric cables. Lucky for him, the pet’s owners saw him and called assistance immediately.

Cafú’s owners feared the dog would get electrocuted or fall off the post and suffer a fatal fall. Thankfully, Quito’s local fire rescue unit rushed to the home and helped the curious dog get off the dangerous cables he was resting on.

According to El Comercio, a firefighter carefully maneuvered his way to the dog using a bucket truck. Two other firefighters walked the balcony’s ledge to reach the dog and other rescuers on ground level used sheets as safety mats to catch the dog in the event the pet would fall off the post. Luckily, the dog was untangled from the live electric wires, handed off to one of the rescuers on the balcony and then returned to his owners alive and well.

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Federica Lauda

Source: lifewithdogs