Dog Runs Half Marathon And Finishes In 7th Place


Dog Runs Half Marathon And Finishes In 7th Place | Dogalize

Certain dogs love running, but this one is a real athlete. Ludivane, a two-year-old bloodhound from Elkon, Alabama, ran an half marathon finishing in 7th place.

Ludivane was just chilling out in the yard of his house when she came across the Trackless Train Trek Half Marathon. The dog showed amazing physical conditions and endurance skill since she was able to run for about 21 kilometres outdoing dozens of runners and gaining the 7th place.

The Half Marathon organization honoured the canine’s participation awarding her with a medal and Ludivane also finished on Runner’s World, one of the most popular sport magazine.

Her owner remained oblivious to her canine’s competitive spirit, and said she only became aware of the epic run when friends started sending her photos of Ludo at the finish line. “My first reaction was that I was embarrassed and worried that she had possibly gotten in the way of the other runners,” she said in an interview by Runner’s World.

Ludivane’s instict led her successfully to this challenge, which is something a lot of human runners dream about! Well done, girl!

Federica Lauda

Source: 9news
Photo: Gregg Gelmis—WeRunHuntsville

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