How Not To Play With A Puppy


How Not To Play With A Puppy | Dogalize

Playing with a puppy is the cutest thing on earth. Playing help dogs discover the world, socialize, learn things, develop personality and grow up.

In most of the cases playing is a natural and easy-manageable thing. But sometimes it may turn for the worse if the dog begins to bite or play in a way that harms people or other animals. Remember: improper playing may lead to future bad behaviors.

To ensure a proper playing, follow these tips:

– Don’t encourage or permit a puppy to bite anything but its own toys. The habit of biting may turn into aggressive behavior as an adult.

– Don’t play “tug-of-war” or other dominance type games with your puppy, unless you are prepared to win every time. If the dog is used to win, he will be more likely to develop aggressive behaviors.

– Don’t play with a puppy for more than a few minutes at a time, because it will become over stimulated and exhausted–or aggressive. Extended romping is especially harmful to a large-breed pup, whose bones are not yet strong enough to support its weight in hard play.

– Always make it clear that you own all of the toys, and you decide when and which ones your puppy can play with, only keeping one or two toys out at a time. If a dog has too many toys, he may feel more powerful and act aggressively.

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