How To Change Your Dog’s Food


How To Change Your Dog’s Food | Dogalize

Your dog’s nutritional needs evolve as he goes through years. Puppies, for example, need more calories and protein to support growth while senior dogs experience a slower metabolism, and may require less protein.

Changes in diet have to be gradual, because sudden new food changes may cause gastrointestinal problems. The transition should last about one week and follow these percentages:

Day 1: 75% old food – 25% new food
Day 2: 70% old food – 30% new food
Day 3: 60% old food – 40% new food
Day 4: 50% old food – 50% new food
Day 5: 40% old food – 60% new food
Day 6: 25% old food – 75% new food
Day 7: 100% new food

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Source: petsmart