How to socialize your dog


How to socialize your dog | Dogalize

Socializing is an essential element which characterize your dog’s personality. It is very important to get him socialized since puppyhood. Interacting with his counterparts will help him become well-balanced and well-behaved.

– In the first period, choose quiet places to walk your dog and, if possible, let him interact with experienced and well-balanced dogs.

– In case of brief scuffles, try not to intervene. This may lead the dog to be scared of his counterparts and always look for your help.

– When your dog is playing with other dogs, try not to interfere, even though it gets a bit aggressive and physical. Remember that dogs like to play like that.

– Playing helps your dog get adult. It is also a way to simulate fights, prove his own strenght and define his status. It is important for him to learn how to control these situations without any help from the owner.

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