Jethro, a Police Dog Become Hero


Jethro, a Police Dog Become Hero | Dogalize

One more police dog dies on the battlefield. After the worldwide known case of Diesel, the french police dog dead on Saint-Denis anti-terrorist raids, the same fate has befallen Jethro, a three-year-old German Shepherd from Ohio Police.

He was shot during a burglary investigation at a grocery store in north-eastern Ohio. The shooting happened early on Saturday morning, but the dog didn’t die on the spot. Jethro was seriously wounded but expected to recover.

On Saturday night, a post on Ohio Police Facebook pace read: “We are still here keeping the faith. According to the vet he is making progress, however slowly.”

The next post, made late at night, said: “He’s just trying to beat this thing the way he’s used to, by fighting.”

On Sunday morning, a post said: “Jethro … hopefully today will keep progressing” and added: “I am sure he felt the prayers.”

Later, though, a post read: “It is with heavy hearts that we must tell you all that we lost Jethro. He took a sudden turn for the worse and has passed.”

Jethro’s agony told step by step on Facebook was a cry for hope ended up in the worst way. Jethro will remain forever in the heart of his handlers and of the people who saw him fighting.

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Federica Lauda

Source: theguardian
Photo: Police K-9 Association