Playing With Your Pet Via Skype Is Now Possible


Playing With Your Pet Via Skype Is Now Possible | Dogalize

It’s not a joke. If you’re far from home and terribly missing your pet, you can call him via Skype and play with him.

The fun invention comes from Japan. It is a device that lets pet owners remotely play with their cat via Skype, complete with a ‘scratch’ function which allows the user to be hurt by their playful friend.

The system is called Itaneko and it includes a cat toy that the owner can control remotely using his laptop trackpad or computer mouse and a glove he can wear to experience the ‘scratches.’

The user must wear a glove which is mounted on top of the computer mouse in order to experience the scratch sensation. Inside the gloves there are rotating metal wires connected to a miniature motor that generate tiny scratches to the back of the user’s hand, when the cat hits the fluffy toy.

Millions of besotted cat owners are so keen to stay in touch with their pets that they use their mobile phone or computer to call home and ‘speak’ to them.
One in three use video messaging service Skype to see and give them attention, a recent poll of 1,000 owners claims. Almost a quarter admits they’ll even call home just to hear their feline friend purring. We are quiet sure they will appreciate the invention!

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Federica Lauda

Source: dailymail
Photo: Ochanomizu University