Take Your Dog To Work Official Day: 26th of June


Take Your Dog To Work Official Day: 26th of June | Dogalize

Save the date! Friday, June 26, is the official day to take your dog to work. A dream come true!

Many companies — even those not traditionally pet friendly — are opening their doors to employees’ dogs for this special day, making this a great opportunity to illustrate the well documented benefits of bringing your dog to work. A poll by Modern Dog Magazine found a whopping 92% of respondents would accept a job with lesser pay if it meant they could bring their dogs to work with them. If employers want to make their employees happy, a dog-friendly workplace is definitely something to consider!

To ensure a pleasant experience to everybody, just follow these simple tips:

– Respect co-worker’s space by keeping your dog leashed when outside of your office or cubicle. Not everyone loves puppy kisses or a pouncing pooch.

– Use a baby gate to prevent dogs from leaving their office unsupervised in case you have to leve your office for an important call or meeting.

– Take your dog out of specifi areas such as bathrooms or employee dining halls.

– Have a back-up plan for taking your dog home if he is not comfortable in the work environment.

– Enjoy this unusual day with your furry friend!

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Federica Lauda

Source: moderndogmagazine
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