The Web Goes Crazy For Dog Cosplay


The Web Goes Crazy For Dog Cosplay | Dogalize

The ultimate canine trend on the web is dog cosplay. Social networks begin to fill up with pics of dogs dressed as Batman, Superman, Popeye and many other characters from movies and comics.

Some of them are turning into real web celebrities. It’s the case of the Japanese (unsurprisingly!)Twitter user C_Suzuki, one of the first to get into dog cosplay dressing up his two Shiba Inus.

Suzuki also posts images of the dogs when they’re just chilling for his 15.700 followers  . He said that he wants to share what he and the dogs – one male and one female – get up to, including movies, reading and smiling.

Cosplay is a contraction of the words costume play, and calls up participants to wear costumes to represent a specific character.

For more dog cosplay search for the ashtag #cosplaydogs across social networks.

Federica Lauda


Photo: kotaku