Avoid Paws Irritation Due To Salt In Winter


Avoid Paws Irritation Due To Salt In Winter | Dogalize


It is important to protect your dog’s paws in winter. When it snows, many dogs struggle to walk on the streets. Most of the time, it’s because the salt on the roads or sidewalks can irritate the padding of your pup’s paws.
Specific footwear for dogs does exist, but many times dogs refuse to wear those awkward looking booties.
If it’s quite impossible to put something on dogs paws, then, why don’t we change somethng in the salt we put on the sidewalks? It’s what the american company, Morton Salt, has just done:Morton Salt’s Safe-T-Pet® is a salt-and-chloride free ice melt alternative. The veterinarian-recommended formula causes less irritation to paws than plain salt.
Safe-T-Petis a salt-and-chloride free ice melt that lets you worry less about your dog and more about how you’re going to get your car out of that snow-turned-solid-ice-tundra. Try it the next snowfall!

Federica Lauda
Source: barkpost

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