Dog Alerts Family To Deadly Gas Leak


Dog Alerts Family To Deadly Gas Leak | Dogalize

A family from Hartland, Wisconsin, has been saved by their dog, Abby, who managed to alert them to a deadly gas leak. When family members started becoming “sick” and lethargic, Abby stepped in right on time, and no one was badly injured.

When Nicole Siekert woke up last Thursday morning felt “something strange”, but pressed on with her day. She got on with getting the kids ready for school, and keeping things on track. However, for whatever reason, everyone just seemed to feel not quite right.

The family knew their furnace was on the fritz, but they didn’t really think too much about it. Siekert decided to lay down for a second, fearing the possible flu that could be on the way. It didn’t take long for Abby to try to get her human mom’s attention, but she just couldn’t seem to grab it.

She just jumped up on the bed, and she was nudging me and pawing at me. She took her head and lifted up my head with her nose,” Siekert said.
She got out of bed and went to let Abby outside, assuming that was what she wanted. However, when they walked towards the door, the dog turned and walked downstairs and sat next to the furnace. That’s when she could clearly hear the carbon monoxide detector going off.

“It was like a flash,” said Siekert. “Everything just came together, and it made sense.”

Siekert then got her family to safety, and the furnace has since been fixed, but none of that coulb be possible without Abby’s help. It’s not difficult to imagine this story ending in the worst of the ways. The Siekerts will be forever grateful to their dog.

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