Get Your Dog Ready For The New Fitness Trend: DOGA


Get Your Dog Ready For The New Fitness Trend: DOGA | Dogalize

The world of fitness is in constant evolution. Every year something new crops up and become the fitness trend of the moment. We have seen it all in recent years: from the “Stiletto Workout” to the “Hoola Hop revival”, from the “Backwords Running” to “Pole Dance Fitness” and many others weird things. To the delight of dog lovers, the latest fitness trend involves our furry friends: it is called “Doga” and is Yoga with dogs. This means you can practice Yoga together with your dog – which makes it a lot more fun, indeed!

Pawrents are finding more and more ways to incorporate our beloved pets into every aspect of our lives from dog-friendly office environments to pampering travel accommodations. Including them in our exercise routines seems like a natural step and a very beneficial one for both you and your dog.

Mahny Djahanguiri, author of DOGA: Yoga For You and Your Dog, assures:”It calms him mentally and physically. It creates a natural bond between you and your dog, and gives them a little peace.”

She suggested five steps each Yogi should take before attempting to incorporate their dog into their yoga routines:
– Consult your veterinarian
– Make sure your dog is willing
– Respect your dog’s personal space
– Start out slowly
– Be patient and content with your achievements.

Federica Lauda

Source: barkpost

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