Help Your Dog Through Winter Weather


Help Your Dog Through Winter Weather | Dogalize

Even though it won’t last much longer, winter is not over yet and we still need to protect ourselves and our furry friends from the low temperatures. Do you know how to properly protect your dog from cold weather? Here some advice:

– Keep your dogs warm. Although some breeds can withstand colder temperatures (think Northern breeds), most dogs are accustomed to indoor temperatures and don’t want to be outside for long periods of time. Dogs with less furry coats, smaller dogs, and those closer to the ground could benefit from a winter jacket. When your dogs are inside, give them a comfy place to sleep and, in addition, provide them with a warm blanket.

– Pet grooming. Wipe your dog’s paws—both the underside and between the pads—after they’ve been outside. This is important because salt and chemical ice melters can irritate and burn your dog’s paws. These substances can also be fatal if ingested!

– Beware the puddles. Puddles pose a danger to dogs because they may contain ethylene glycol, found in antifreeze, which can be fatal if ingested. So no drinking from winter puddles!

– Safe ice melters. Common ice melters irritate your dog’s paws and are dangerous if ingested. Salt-free, non-toxic, environmentally friendly de-icers have been recently made available on the market. Use them instead of the common ones.

Federica Lauda

Source: moderndogmagazine

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