In Rio De Janeiro Even Dogs Celebrate Carnival


In Rio De Janeiro Even Dogs Celebrate Carnival | Dogalize

Rio De Janeiro’s Carnival is famous all over the world. It’s often called the greatest party on Earth- an explosion of colour, music and dancing. But did you know that dogs join the Carnival parades too? What better time to have some fun with our beloved furry friends! Well, Brazilians seize the day!

Every year, hundreds of decked-out dogs – and a few brave cats – get in on the Carnival fun at Rio de Janeiro’s annual pet-friendly parade, Blocao. The name of this special gathering in Copacabana beach is a play on the word for street party, “bloco,” and dog, or “cão”.

“The animal excitement is taking over Copacabana,” said Blocao organiser Marco Antonio Toto “The neighbourhood of Copacabana has currently the most dog owners per square metre. It deserves this prestigious party. Our animals deserve this celebration.”

You can see canines dressed as everything from ladybirds and bumble bees to Superdogs and clowns at Sunday’s Blocao parade.

The motto is “It’s carnival and the party is animal!” and Brazilians took it literally!

Federica Lauda

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