Introducing A New Pet


Introducing A New Pet | Dogalize

Bringing a new pet into our houses is simply amazing for us, but for the other pets it may be an unsettling experience. Here are a few tips to improve the chances of everyone getting along. But remember: a lot of pacience is needed!

– Initially put the new pet in a crate or in a separate room out of sight of your existing pets. Not only does this give them the opportunity to slowly get used to their surroundings, but after a few days their scent will be on their bedding and toys.

– Once your new furry friend has had a couple days to settle in, swap their bedding and toys with your existing pet’s. This gives everyone a chance to get used to each other’s smell.

– The next step is to put your existing furry family members in a separate room (or outside) and allowing your new pet to roam around the house, leaving his scent around. Only allow him out for 15-20mins at a time, several times a day. Once your new furry friend is back in his separate area, allow your other pets to roam the house, picking up the smell of the new addition to the family.

– Your furry family members might be a bit confused by the new smells and in need of reassurance. You will know you’re ready for a face-to-face meeting when your pets are no longer running around chasing the new scent.

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Source: lovethatpet