Senior Dog Nutritional Needs


Senior Dog Nutritional Needs | Dogalize

As your dog gets old, he goes through significant physical changes. Nutritional needs change as well. Metabolism tends to slow down, he tends to spend less energy and, therefore, the need for fat and calories decreases.

Changes in diet may be required in order to prevent overweight and related problems. One more thing to consider is that, as dogs grow old, their immune system weakens and they become more exposed to desease.

Generally, senior dogs will need a well balanced diet that is lower in calories, but still has adequate protein and fat, and higher in fiber. Feeding your dog his regular food but in a smaller quantity is also possible.

Aging dogs have special nutritional needs, and some of those can be supplied in the form of supplements. Feeding a daily supplement containing glucosamine and chondroitin, may help support joints. If your dog is not eating a complete balanced diet, then a vitamin/mineral supplement is recommended to prevent any deficiencies.

Remember that any dog is an individual case. Your vet is the only person who can evaluate your dog’s special needs and recommend nutritional changes and supplements.

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