Tasty Recipes: Homemade Jerky Treats


Tasty Recipes: Homemade Jerky Treats | Dogalize

Jerky is a great treat, tasty, nourishing and cheap to make at home. Remember that DIY treats are healthier than many of the commercial treats available for our dogs, which contain preservatives and artificial ingredients.


Chicken breast or meat of your choice.



Wire rack (like one used for cooling biscuits after cooking), baking tray.



– Preheat oven to 120°C.

– Place the wire rack on top of the baking tray. Placing a layer of foil on the tray first makes for an easier clean-up.

– Slice the chicken approximately 3mm thick. This is much easier to do with frozen chicken and a sharp knife.

– Place chicken strips on the wire racks, ensuring pieces do not touch.

– Cook for 2 hours, turn pieces over then cook for another 2 hours.

– Turn off the oven and allow the jerky to cool in the oven. It should be completely dry so that pieces can be snapped off.

– When storing jerky ,ensure it is completely dry before placing in an air-tight container or vacuum sealing. It will last for up to a month so long as it is fully dried.

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