The 4 Most Common Health Mistakes Dog Owners Make

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The 4 Most Common Health Mistakes Dog Owners Make | Dogalize

Despite we love our pets as if they were our children, there are some health issues – very easy to prevent – dog owners tend to ignore. Dr. Katie Kanga, founder of The Pet Wellness Academy, of the 4 most common health mistakes:

1) Dental Health: ignoring dental health is definitely the most common mistake. Roughly 85% of dogs will develop dental disease in their lifetime, which can be debilitating, even deadly as bacteria in the gums gets into the bloodstream. “Oral health is more than just gum disease,” Dr. Kangas explains. “Regular dental exams will reveal other significant oral health problems such as fractured teeth, oral cancer, and tooth decay. These are best treated when addressed as early as possible.” Sometimes, brushing isn’t enough to prevent dental disease and your dog may need a dental cleaning, which requires anesthesia. Ask your vet.

2) Fleas: fleas are extremely easy to prevent – as easy as giving your dog a chewy tablet or squirting liquid on his scruff – yet many pet parents opt to skip this important treatment. If you’re worried about the chemicals in flea medication, Dr. Kangas offers alternative treatments. “If people are trying to avoid putting chemicals on their pet, I recommend essential-oil based products are the first line of defense,” Dr. Kangas says. “If we need to balance that with some level of flea control, I recommend the Comfortis product.”

3) Grooming: proper grooming is essential to keep your dog healthy, but too many times dog owners forget about it. Dr. Kangas recommends bathing your dog once or twice month, depending on how dirty your dog gets and if they have skin issues. Don’t worry about over-bathing your pet. If you have an itchy or allergic dog, it’s best to bathe them weekly with a medicated shampoo. Nail trimming is another very important grooming procedure that’s often overlooked. If grooming needs are neglected, this can lead to eye, ear and skin infections.

4) Quality Food: a well-balanced quality diet is foundamental for the health of our furry friends. “Some people may think that’s a far-fetched claim, but with my experience seeing what just changing a diet can do for a patient, I say absolutely it can save lives,” Dr. Kangas says. “Nutrition does make a huge difference for health.”

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